Why Choose Novus Travel?

Think of us as an elite worldwide concierge service for anything and everything . . . whether travel related, meeting content or incentive program related or not. You will be amazed at just how many different things we can do to develop a solution that will  maximize the impact of the people and relationships that drive your business results.

Of course, helping your way through the maze of travel information, program details and choices that are available is a primary service that we offer . . . but it is only the beginning! Not only can we help you decide whether you’ll be visiting Bhutan or Brasilia, Borneo or Branson, we’ll find the best airfares, know exactly what your group will need to pack, locate the hard to find electrical converters, all in addition to what the best restaurant in Dublin currently is. It’s all part of the “white glove service” that only Novus Travel can provide.

Choosing the right destination, resort, airline, meeting space or cruise package can be an overwhelming task. We are here to not only make it easy but to transform your trip into an unforgettable journey and assure the maximum impact for your dollar.

We always start the planning process by finding out from you just what made your last trip/program a success (or not), what you think was the best adventure ever (and why), as well as what was the worst destination (and why). We want to know what you like, what you are looking for and how Novus can help you accomplish that.

We’re just as anxious to hear from you when you return, than before you left, so we’ll have that knowledge to use for future planning. Many of our clients place a very high value on two of our primary areas of expertise:

  • Our intimate knowledge of each destination and the insight it brings, as well as the care taken in designing experiences that are unique and different in this ever-changing world and with ever changing budgets.
  • The service levels we offer come with response times measured in minutes and hours, not days or weeks. And, with the highest levels of detail orientation you’ll ever experience.

We specialize in destinations domestic and international; individual, family or group travel;  romantic retreats, multi- generational trips, or with programs and activities that are awe inspiring. Our team has been to over 70 countries, but most important, we have visited over half of them for multiple visits – resulting in extensive knowledge of each.

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